Monday, August 16, 2010

Frolics in Frankenberg

Frankenberg is an imagi-nation; a made up land designed for wargaming. It sets the scene for the combats to be fought between the mighty armies of the Confederate powers – Britain, the United Provinces and the Holy Roman Empire, and Louis XIV’s France (and allies).
In this blog you will find the background of Frankenberg, my labours as I collect and paint the armies for this game, the rules that I use, and the battles that are fought as these two mighty powers clash, in a little land known for its licentious ruler and a proliferation of beer and sausage.
There are plenty of Imagi-nations out there in Blogland, and I have drawn inspiration from them all, but it is the spirit of gaming epitomised by the late Charles Grant and Peter Young that animates me more than anything.

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